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Max HD-50 Stapler using Max No.3 or No.35 (26/6) Staples

RM 23.50
  • Ergonomic design, trouble free stapling every time
  • 3 type of stapling styles namely, usual clinch, temporary clinch and tacking can be carried out by the stapler
  • Convenient for fixing posters, displays and decorations on walls
  • Staples up to 24 sheets
  • Uses MAX 3 (24/6) or No.35 (26/6) staples
  • Great for commercial, home and school use

Bind any loose paper work for a clear desk with the Max HD-50 stapler. Top cover opens easily to load up to 50 staples (24/6) and full strip mechanism meaning you can staple for longer without re-filling. Providing permanent stapling, it handles up to 24 sheets using Max 3-1M staples.