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RM 3.50

The Textliner 48 guarantees smudge-proof marking on all standard papers. 6 super-fluorescent colours offer variety. The durable special tip marks in three line widths for excellent marking results. A clear signal for the benefit of the environment: water-based ink – easily refillable by means of the Textliner 1549 Automatic Refill station.

Faber-Castell Textliners contain a versatile tip allowing you to mark in 3 line widths, depending on the angle you hold the pen. Textliners contain a water-based, super fluorescent ink making them perfect for use on most papers.

You can mark in 1 mm, 2 mm or 5 mm depending on the angle you hold the chisel nib.

They are perfect for marking and emphasising text, diagrams and other important work.

  • The classic among Faber Castell Textliners ensures superfluorescent marking
  • Refillable Textliner with water-based ink
  • 3 different line widths 1, 2 and 5 mm
  • Durable chisel tip
  • Ideal for all standard paper
  • Excellent marking results with even colour laydown
  • Available in 6 colours
  • Colour: superfluorescent yellow, red, blue, pink, orange, red